Programs & Services

ongoing Support

The Greater you provides a variety of programs and services to help you reach your greatest potential. 

Virtual Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching

A skill-based approach to life coaching. Create and build a lasting positive mindset. 

Recreational Based Coaching

Choose Your Favorite Activity

Recreation based coaching, such as mountain bike coaching, hiking, or even just meeting at a nice green space to sit and talk. These sessions are set up as the coach and client are able to coordinate, and session fees will vary based on time and activity.


In collaboration with Journey To Euphoria, a company dedicated to creating simplicity in everyday life, we have co-created programs and services to help you reach even further into your potential.

Breaking Barriers Accelerator

Our Signature Program

BREAK THROUGH THE NEVER ENDING CYCLES OF SELF-DOUBT AND LOVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE. Take action on each of the 9 accelerators and develop a greater sense of self-awareness. 

Declutter The Mind

Course & Support

It Starts with the Mind. Release those ‘things’ that continue to clutter the mind. We provide ongoing support every step of the way.

or.. start with one of our smaller Options

Mini Guide to Simplicity

& Workbook

Guide & Workbook

MOVE PAST THE CHAOS. We guide you through a 3 step process to start creating simplicity on a daily basis. 

Journey To Letting Go

Masterclass & Community

7 Steps to Letting Go so you can create a life without overwhelm and hurt. Identify the things you are holding onto and gain the tools to help you put them behind you once and for all!