Positive Psychology Coaching Certification

Transform Lives and Achieve Fulfillment as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach

Confidently guide your clients to achieve their goals and live their best lives.. Through this comprehensive program, you’ll develop the skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you coach.

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Career Development

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Earn a Positive Psychology Coaching Certification from The Greater You, Inc.

Acquire Essential Skills to Empower Others and Facilitate Growth

Obtain a professional-level Positive Psychology Coaching certification from The Greater You, Inc. Our program equips you with the tools to excel as a coach, including:

Designed for Multidisciplinary Individuals with a Passion for Helping Others

Transform Your Gift into a Rewarding Career

Whether you come from a diverse professional background or have various levels of education, our program is tailored for individuals who possess a natural ability to help others and a desire to make a difference. Transform your passion into a fulfilling career as a certified positive psychology coach.

Dive Deep into the World of Positive Psychology Coaching

Explore the Core Areas of Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Experience personal and professional growth as you progress through our transformative curriculum, which covers the following core areas:

Build a strong foundation for your positive psychology coaching practice

Master your inner world to better serve your clients

Become an expert coach and deliver exceptional results

Unlock your true potential and lead by example

Unlock your true potential and lead by example

Expand your coaching toolkit with cutting-edge techniques

Access continued education and support to further your development

The Power of Positive Psychology Coaching

Harness the Evidence-Based Approach to Coaching

Elevate Others with the Transformative Tenets of Positive Psychology

Integrate the evidence-based approach of Positive Psychology Coaching into your practice, providing your clients with a solid foundation for personal growth and achievement. Help others cultivate:

Facilitate Lasting Change with Proven Mindset Strategies

Empower Clients to Transform Thoughts and Behaviors

Utilize the Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) method to help your clients achieve healthy mindsets, self-talk, and perspectives on life, growth, themselves, their opportunities, and their goals. Facilitate lasting change by:

Coach with Unique Tools and Frameworks

Provide Exceptional Value to Your Clients

Enhance your coaching experience and deliver exceptional value to your clients with our unique tools and frameworks, including:

Convenient Online Access Through MemberVault

Enjoy a Flexible and Seamless Learning Experience

Access our program at your convenience through our powerful online learning platform, MemberVault. Benefit from a seamless learning experience with all classes, tools, and content available through your brand-specific learning portal.

Invest in Your Personal and Professional Growth

Dedicate 2-3 Hours per Week to Self-Paced Learning

Allocate approximately 2 to 3 hours per week to self-paced learning, implementation, and group participation. Complete the program in roughly one year, depending on your dedication and engagement.

Versatile Application of the Positive Psychology Coaching Model

Thrive in Diverse Coaching Fields and Industries

Adapt the Positive Psychology Coaching Model to various coaching styles and industries, opening up numerous opportunities for your coaching career, including: