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Meet Our Coaches

Each of our coaches are certified through The Greater You Inc’s coaching certification program. With an emphasis and foundation in Positive Psychology, we believe you will be able to find a coach that fits your personality.  Find YOUR coach below.

Kwinten Kemp

Kwinten has been in the business of helping people since 1999. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in in Mental Health Counseling. He is a licensed counselor. He has specialized training in multiple areas of wellness including weight management, eating disorders, anxiety and depression treatment, couple’s work, family therapy, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and others. He also has studied and trained in multiple types of life coaching strategies such as the Arbinger method, inside out coaching, Jack Canfield’s approach, and T. Harv Ekers style of coaching.

His main professional track has evolved over time to sit firmly in positive psychology; an evidenced based approach to improving a person’s overall wellness. He has developed a life coaching and mentoring program based upon that foundation. He owns and runs The Greater You, Inc. A wellness company dedicated to every avenue of a person’s wellness from mental and emotional health to physical and social health. His accomplished spouse, Gina Kemp, is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and helps run The Greater You, Inc.


Gina Kemp


Jennifer Sisk

Jennifer is a very motivated woman with high energy and a positive attitude. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina.  She taught kindergarten for seven years. She transitioned to raising two sons for the next 12 years. At age 40, she began her personal journey to better health. Meeting Kwinten Kemp from The Greater You was central in her change of lifestyle. She received her Life Coaching certification through The Greater You. She now devotes herself full-time to her life coaching and changing lives.

Jennifer struggled with her weight from childhood through adulthood. She recovered from a binge eating disorder that claimed over 30 years of her life. She worked tirelessly through therapy, consistency, hard work and bravery to overcome her lifelong struggles. Her passion is to help others do the same.  She believes she has come face-to-face with some of the most severe struggles in weight loss and body image and has come out on “the other side”. Jennifer believes that when you change your thoughts, you change your world. She believes when you remove the layers we are all human with fears and crutches. Her job is to help you find your inner strength and power to face fears and bust through barriers.


Amy Coppola

Amy Coppola is a successful corporate leader who is following her passion to help others live their purpose through coaching and giving back.  She is a forward-thinking entrepreneur, executive, and certified life coach.  She has her master’s degree in Business Administration and is a Project Management Professional with over twenty years of corporate experience.  Amy’s purpose is to impact the world through encouragement, positivity, and gratitude.

Dustina Frisby-Howsel

Dusty is a passionate professional committed to leveraging her fifteen years in the health care industry and ten years in early childhood education to help young people develop the skills to live their best lives. As a mother and a wife, Dusty brings the real-world experience of raising three children and navigating the difficulties of adolescence. Dusty advocates for those in the special needs community and those with behavioral and mental health challenges. Dusty is an ally for those identifying as LGBTQ. Dusty recognizes the impact of a lack of understanding and acceptance in those communities and guides children to be the best version of themselves.

Dusty has an entrepreneurial spirit and has owned two businesses. She is well organized and defined and developed a brand new position in one of her work experiences. Dusty is honest and has a servant’s heart. She truly cares about the families that she works with and is willing to share both her personal and professional experience to help our children become successful adults.

Dusty is a lifelong learner who truly values education. She overcame many challenges as she dropped out of high school but through hard work and perseverance she obtained her GED. As an adult learner with a family, she went back to school to pursue her college degree. She is a role model who will share the value of education and the lessons learned about hard work with your children.


Anne Haueter

Anne Haueter is a mindfulness guide, alignment-based yoga/movement instructor, and life coach. Her work blends the best facets of • guided mindfulness, • journaling, • life assessments, • vision practices, • intuition • decrement • positive self-talk, and • encouraging community She guides her clients to release their past doubts, whether self-taught or societal, along with their associated triggers. Then define their purpose and provide tools to create their vision and achieve their goals. She believes intuition is a powerful tool. We all have it and can tap into it. By following our inner knowing, we can shift from not wanted to wanted and start living the life we deserve. As a person with dyslexia, an entrepreneur, an outdoor enthusiast, and a former sufferer of depression and imposter syndrome, Anne has learned self-talk and self intuition are so powerful and the importance of not allowing your past to control what you feel and think about yourself. Learning from her challenges and experiences, she has created the Mindful Dyslexic, offering group and one-on-one coaching to people with dyslexia/neurodiversity and their loved ones. Both in-person and online.


Stan Partlow

Stan joined American Electric Power in October 2005. Stan retired as the Vice President and Chief Security Officer in 2020 and had responsibility for Cyber Security, Physical Security and Aviation. During his AEP career, Stan has also had responsibility for the AEP motor vehicle fleet, the enterprise procurement function and business continuity. Prior to joining AEP, Stan served the Law Enforcement community for over 25 years. Stan served the Columbus Division of Police for over 21 years and retired as the Commander of the Detective Bureau. Prior to that Stan served in numerous roles in Patrol, Narcotics, Professional Standards and Training during his tenure as an Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant. Stan served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1984-1988 where he was responsible for conducting a variety of criminal investigations. In his law enforcement career, Stan has supervised dignitary protection details, and has been a member of the protection staff of two Columbus Mayors. He has been a SWAT team member for the Charlotte Division FBI Team, and a member of the Columbus Division of Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team. Stan also served as a Hostage Negotiator for the Columbus Division of Police. Stan is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Leadership College. Stan holds the designation of Certified Law Enforcement Executive from the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. Stan completed the FBI Domestic Security Executive Academy. Stan earned the Certified Protection Professional certification from ASIS, a worldwide security organization. Stan completed the AEP/OSU Leadership Program and the Executive Level Targeted Development program. Stan holds a Juris Doctor degree from the Capital University School of Law (1995), a Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University (1990), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University (1980). Stan is a member of the Board of Trustees of Franklin University and he serves on the Board of Directors of The Center for Family Safety and Healing. Stan serves on the Board of Directors for the Bridge an organization dedicated to mental healing for first responders. I hope that you will allow me to help you achieve your dreams!

Ginger Sorensen



Sally White

Sally White is a Business Accelerator Strategy Coach, assisting clients to develop and implement business, marketing, BizDev, and Digital Marketing Strategies to help grow their businesses profitably.

Her team of experienced, best-in-class business professionals customizes digital and traditional marketing programs and campaigns to meet your objectives, resources, and budget. These programs include Business, MarCom and Conference strategy consulting, competitive analysis research, value branding, messaging, identifying dominating market position, buyer persona, website development and optimization, recommendations on CRM and Marketing Automation Software, which is essential in developing lead generation and sales conversion funnels.

EchoWolf has a focus on helping you identify and form your company’s unique core values so you may implement them within the structure of your business, providing a solid foundation to build upon across your entire company.

In addition, EchoWolf Solutions aligns your social media strategy and presence with your website, ensuring integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, depending on your target markets. They assist in developing consistent, results-driven campaigns to promote brand awareness and sales. 

EchoWolf Solutions assists you in developing and implementing your ideas and strategies and expanding into a new market in business modeling to ensure you have the resources you need to achieve your desired results.

Finally, they assist in solving problems, offering unbiased advice and expertise, and improving processes and performance to achieve the mission and vision of your organization.


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