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Journey To Euphoria is a company dedicated to empowering women to create simplicity in everyday life through mindset shifts. Individuals learn to embrace healing processes to release the chaos and create a simplified, euphoric life. You can discover more HERE.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit coaching business committed to inspiring, collaborating, and strategizing with individuals and their organizations in discovering and aligning personal and professional vision to fulfill their purpose. Find more information HERE

Specifically for our business professionals. Echowolf’s team of experienced, best-in-class business professionals customizes digital and traditional marketing programs and campaigns to meet your objectives, resources, and budget. EchoWolf has a focus on helping you identify and form your company’s unique core values so you may implement them within the structure of your business, providing a solid foundation to build upon across your entire company. Visit their site HERE.

Melissa Lopez-Larson M.D., Harvard-educated integrative Psychiatrist, specializes in the holistic treatment of children, adolescents, and adults, utilizing multiple evidence-based healing modalities. Dr. Melissa integrates Diet, Exercise, Sleep Management, Meditation, Coaching and Supplements in addition to traditional therapies and Medications. To learn more about Melissa Lopez-Larson M.D., visit their website HERE.