The Breaking Through the Barriers to Fitness workbook is a step by step process designed to guide you through overcoming obstacles to healthy body image and weight loss. The book helps participants cultivate lasting body appreciation. Thousands of people have successfully utilized the book in their journey to fitness. Act now by clicking below to obtain the workbook. Be sure to sign up for the Breaking Barriers class that is designed to walk you through the workbook step by step in an powerful interactive teleconference setting!!!

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The Create Your Greater You workbook is designed as a second level workbook. It is recommended for use either along with, or after, engaging in the Breaking Through Barriers workbook. The main key to weight loss is to consistently burn more calories than we eat. Yet, if creating a fit lifestyle were this simple, we would have all already mastered it! The trickiest obstacles are often found in creating lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes, breaking through yo yo dieting, and overcoming any barriers that may have previously held us back. The Create Your Greater You workbook does not dictate any particular eating or fitness plan. We believe you are the best expert on your own life. Instead, this workbook asks you to take an objective look at your own actions and patterns, and to find what is working, and what is not. It then guides you to step by step to establishing your very own customized fit lifestyle, built for long term success. The workbook also includes personal anecdotes and tips from The Greater You Body Appreciation Coaches Leah Olson and Melissa Rourke. This tool is best used in concert with either our group Create Your Greater You classes, or along with one on one counseling or coaching. Start building your new fit lifestyle today!

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