Breaking Through the Barriers to Fitness

Weight Loss Workbook

This Workbook is a structured, powerful guide to creating improved body appreciation, body image, and empowering your inner self for fitness.

The Breaking Through the Barriers to Fitness workbook is a step by step process designed to guide you through overcoming obstacles to healthy body image and weight loss.

Create Your Greater You

Create Your Greater You Workbook

This workbook is designed to help you find your own path to greater health and fitness.

The Create Your Greater You workbook is a guide to creating lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes, breaking through yo yo dieting, and overcoming any barriers that may have previously held us back. It is recommended for use either along with, or after, engaging in the Breaking Through Barriers workbook.

Greater Life Counseling and Coaching

Life Coaching

Our licensed professional counselors and certified coaches have hands on experience in overcoming weight and body image problems.

Our counselors and coaches work to guide participants in working through core challenges that have led to the problems with weight or body appreciation, thereby empowering people to create the healthy lifestyle they so desire. Each session is designed to gear the participant for success in mastering the inner game of weight loss and fitness.

Group Teleconferences


Small Group Teleconference “Breaking Barriers to Fitness” with co-creator and Licensed Professional Counselor, Kwinten Kemp.

Join us in an opportunity to work interactively through the workbook with the team responsible for developing this program as well as our coaches.


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