Mission Statement:

We help people regain hope and confidence by breaking barriers to mental, emotional, and physical fitness. Specifically we help people lose weight and keep it off, extinguish eating disordered behavior, and overcome dieting mentality in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Program Components:

We currently offer workbooks, classes, support groups, seminars, counseling, coaching and individual and group retreats. Please visit our facebook page, or contact us directly by email or phone, for current information on upcoming events!

Our Methods:

The Greater You, Inc.’s methods for lifestyle change are founded on proven approaches for long term behavior change. Our processes are backed by pertinent literature and studies in weight loss, including cutting edge research from Oxford University. The Greater You’s Counselors and Body Appreciation Coaches are trained to help clients reach their peak fitness and weight loss goals, and make long term behavioral and lifestyle changes.

We have found that weight management and eating disordered behavior can be significantly impacted when the principles and actions of the program are adopted. Results include weight loss and greater body appreciation. Our program has been used with great success with our own clients, and at top fitness spas, such as The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Ivins, Utah and Premier Fitness Camp in Park City, Utah.

The Greater You, Inc.’s program is supervised by licensed professional counselor and weight management specialist, Kwinten M. Kemp, who over the years has helped hundreds of clients reach and sustain their own healthy lifestyles.

We offer one one one coaching and counseling that provides the accountability to support lasting lifestyle changes. We also offer group classes and seminars where clients can find community support from their peers.

Our sessions are offered via the web (Skype or other similar service), phone, or in person where possible. For clients living in New York, Vermont, Utah and Washington State, please inquire about the possibility of in-person services.

Please see Our Philosophy for more details on our approach.

Nutrition Philosophy

We teach intuitive and mindful eating principles. We can help you tailor a nutrition program to your specific needs, led by any advice from your doctor or other health professionals.

Custom Retreats

We are now creating custom retreats! We can create a fitness vacation or getaway for you that fits your needs including fitness, nutrition planning, learning how to build your own fit lifestyle, and translating what you learn into long term health. This is a great way to get a jumpstart, to overcome a plateau or other specific challenge, or to just have a fun fitness getaway. Inquire with us about creating a The Greater You, Inc. Custom retreat for you or your group. We can come to you in your hometown, in Park City, UT, in Seattle, WA, the greater New York area, near Burlington, VT, or the destination of your choice.

Governing Principles:

  1. Accountability: I take full responsibility for my weight or body image problem. I created it and can therefore change it.
  2. Believe: I am creating new beliefs about myself that are leading me to becoming fit, inside and out.
  3. Listen: I listen to my body and my feelings, and honor my needs when I eat, or when I cope with my feelings.
  4. Feel: I have the courage to feel without using food as a coping crutch for my emotions.
  5. Liberate: I appropriately work through my feelings, and liberate myself from toxic emotions.
  6. Choose: I choose to become fit, inside and out, by creating boundaries around my feelings, food, and exercise.
  7. Live: I choose to live mindfully, a lifestyle which supports my fitness goals.
  8. Connect: By connecting daily to a Source greater than myself, I feel accepted and loved, and find the strength to reach my goals.
  9. Love: As I develop greater love for my whole self, including my body, and others, I find motivation to live my fit lifestyle.
  10. Give: As I give myself the gift of freedom from my weight and body image problem I am free to give of myself to others.

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