The Greater You, Inc.’s Philosophy

We have found most people largely know what to do to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Yet statistically, eating disordered behavior is rampant, the vast majority of diets fail, and obesity is a growing epidemic. Why? What stops so many of us from consistently doing what we need to do to have a healthy relationship with food and our bodies?

Our approach focuses centrally on having our clients answer this question for themselves, and to remove any barriers that have been keeping them stuck in yo yo dieting, binge eating, or other eating disordered behavior. We teach the tools of weight loss and weight management so that our clients are armed for success. Even more importantly, we also work with them to address and overcome whatever has been standing in their way. Our Greater You Life Counselors help address any underlying core issues and provide support so often necessary to sustain significant lifestyle shifts. Our Body Appreciation Coaches assist our clients in finding a way to take action now, and into the future, to achieve their dreams.

Our approach to nutrition involves initially creating structure and stability around food, particularly for those who have struggled with calorie avoidance, mindless eating, overeating, binging and/or emotional eating. This approach gives our clients the safety and space to form new habits, heal, learn the tools of weight loss as needed, and to see the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Importantly, we believe strongly that this structure needs to come not from a place of restriction or self hatred, but rather from a place of love. Self care and love is how we create lasting change, and a lifestyle of fitness, rather than merely another diet. We hope for complete healing for each of our clients. However, we encourage our clients to love themselves now, without waiting another minute or another day. This is easier to say than do, but it is a choice that each of us can make.

Over time, we find less structure around food is often needed. We help our clients to eventually find freedom and joy within their fit lifestyles. This looks different to each individual client, and we encourage our clients to rework their lifestyles until they have found their own particular brand of fit living that they truly want to adopt for a lifetime. Our approach includes a strong focus on weight maintenance, rather than just achieving a target weight, because the research suggests that the weight maintenance phase is often where relapse can occur.

The Greater You, Inc.’s picture of progress and healing for our clients is not so much about weight, or body mass index, as it is about feeling good in our bodies. We come in all shapes and sizes, and that is to be celebrated. We strive for our clients to feel fit and find body appreciation. Again, this picture is unique to the individual: for some of us this is about being able to comfortably climb the stairs at work. For others it means finding peace with food and their bodies, and finding enjoyment in a healthy lifestyle. Whatever a clients’ individual picture of their own fit lifestyle, we help them to take down the barriers that have held them back, and to start living the life they deserve.

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