Greater Life Counseling:

Our counselors are licensed professionals trained to support and guide each participant through the challenges associated with emotional eating, weight management, eating disorders, and general poor body image. Our counselors work to guide participants in working through core challenges that have led to the problems with weight or body appreciation, thereby empowering people to create the healthy lifestyle they so desire. Counseling is conducted via phone or through the internet using Skype or other web-based services. Click to set up your appointment today!

Greater Life Coaching:

Our skilled and certified coaches have hands on experience in overcoming weight and body image problems.  They are trained in Body Appreciation Coaching, a style of coaching that pays attention to the mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical components of developing a healthy lifestyle.  They are skilled at guiding participants through the powerful processes and principles of the workbook "Breaking Through the Barriers to Fitness". Each session is designed to gear the participant for success in mastering the inner game of weight loss, fat loss,  and fitness. Our coaches are certified in The Greater You Coaching Credential. Coaching is conducted via phone or internet using Skype or other web-based service. Click to get experienced guidance Now!

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Kwinten Kemp,
Licensed Professional Counselor
Gina Kemp, 
Personal Trainer & Body Appreciation Coach
Melissa Rourke, CEG, J.D.
Lead Body Appreciation Coach
Tara Costa,
Body Appreciation Affiliate
Leah M Olson,
Body Appreciation Affiliate