The Greater You Coaching

Our Focus

As a Professional Coaching organization, we lean heavily on Positive Psychology to enhance and support the tools our life coaches and their clients can benefit from.

We leave the diagnostic process to the licensed therapists.

Our coaches focus on the development of positive mindsets, positive outlooks, mental resilience, and the emotional mastery needed to thrive.

Thrive at what?

Anything and everything that our clients so desire.

You see, the development of a positive internal mindset carries over into health, wealth, lifestyle, relationships, and career; anything requiring focus and sustained effort will benefit from Positive Psychology Coaching.


Positive Psychology Coaching?

 It is a skill-based approach to life coaching that helps clients improve their skill set and toolbox for success, applicable to any area of life. Here are a handful of the core skills we help our clients develop:


An attitude of seeing that one CAN make it, can move forward, can put in the work and that work WILL yield desirable results.


A mindset that we CAN grow, habits CAN change, we can move forward and ultimately become a better version of ourselves.


Willingness to keep fixed on a desired long-term goal despite the setbacks and challenges. The ability to keep “moving your feet” even when things are tough.


Bounce back. The ability to reframe failures, mistakes, and setbacks as data points that can inform our way forward so that we can get back on track.


Specific self talk skills using words like I can, I will, I am, I am able, I will do this, I can and am doing this, I have strengths, I can learn, I can build talent and skill.


The willingness to open up, to begin to seek solutions and skills outside our normal purview, that allows us to increase learning and new mindsets and skills.


A willingness to accept challenges and change in order to grow a healthy mindset, self talk, habits, and behaviors.


Taking action, breaking large goals down into smaller workable components that move us towards our desired outcomes.


Being able to brainstorm solutions, get information on how those solutions work, choose the best solution, and put the solution into practice, all the while evaluating the effectiveness of the solution, adapting to a better strategy if needed.


Taking action, breaking large goals down into he ability to view a problem from many angles, willing to hear and understand different perspectives, and open one's mind and heart to various possibilities, especially options that challenge our “norms”.


An inner fire that things can and will work out that motivates a person to keep going.

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